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Your New Ritual

Your New Ritual

Reset, refresh and create space for the self.

With the constant production of curated lives and identities on social media, it feels impossible to encounter the bare, messy, and luminous happenings of real life. Where does one locate an authentic self in times like these? With Nonfiction, your own story finally becomes clear. Non Fiction celebrates daily life and its many intricacies, not life that's based on an algorithm. A kind of archive, Nonfiction is a new body product line that speaks to the naked truth. Discover yourself again.

Our Story<br>”Uncover Your Story

Our Story
”Uncover Your Story"

Time to listen to : your story

Nonfiction is a lifestyle beauty brand created for and inspired by your most honest self. Based on the finest raw materials and delicate steering, we present a fragrance line that creates a mysterious and unique mood, and a body care product line that completes the beginning to end of the day cycles. 

Our Name

Our Name

The power of pure and frank

If fiction is a door that opens the world of imagination, nonfiction is a mirror that reflects a story’s essence. We celebrate your pure narrative through the most innermost moments of our daily lives. Finding your own solution—between vague reality and bustling noise, regaining purpose and meaning—Nonfiction captures your unchanging story.

Our Design

Our Design

Illumination Inner Contemplation

Nonfiction exploits light and transparency as visual vernacular to suggest the process of discovering one’s self.

This direction highlights the idea of arriving to one's own self and finding your center.

We emphasize the glow from within, and sharing your story.

Our Products

Our Products

Quality of Product: What we believe

Clean ingredients

All our products’ ingredients are clean. Our formulas do not contain 17 harmful ingredients such as sulphate, paraben and phthalate, it is safe on sensitive skin.

Effective function and product power
Nonfiction does not compromise the quality and dedication to product development. It uses less preservatives and uses the finest vegetable raw materials to create an effective, reliable and comfortable product.

More fragrant
Every Nonfiction product has a unique fragrance narrative. Created in collaboration with top-tier creators from world-renowned steering companies the five fascinating signature scents show the world of pure beauty and inspiration for Nonfiction.